Paso Knee

The RHEO KNEE XC is a microprocessor-controlled knee designed to support patients from early rehabilitation to full recovery with its effortless, intuitive, and stable functionality. It builds on reliable and clinically proven technology, delivering outstanding user outcome.

Paso Knee is a pneumatic, polycentric knee joint. The intelligent swing phase control adapts automatically to the user’s walking speed. The four different socket connection options enable use by different amputation levels.

• Swing phase control with auto-adaptive pneumatic system
• Works straight “out of the box” – ready for use without long adjustment time
• Highly solid construction
• Different walking speed is supported up to 7 km/h.
• Powerful and smooth-running
• High knee flexion angle up to 150°

Patient Profile
Amputation Level:  Transfemoral, Knee Disarticulation
Impact Level: Low to High
Maximum Patient Weight: 136kg (300lbs)
Product Information
OP5 Knee with pyramid OP5 Knee with IKF adapter OP5 Knee with Loop adapter OP5 Knee with 3-arm adapter
Build Height (1): 215mm 230mm 207mm 205mm
Build Height (2): 158mm 174mm 168mm 166mm
Build Height (3): 18mm 33mm 27mm 27mm
Weight of Knee: 1050g 1180g 1065g 1145g
Flexion: approx. 150° approx. 150° approx. 150° approx. 150°
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