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Haitham Adel's Story

Age: 29 years old

Job: Swimming, triathlon and basket player

About : Player for Pegasus Dreamland Club

Achieved 14 Medals in swimming and triathlon

1st Place over Egypt 6 Times

Wheelchair Type: Hurricane Wheelchair


Moataz El Khouly's Story

Age: 32 years old

Job: Weightlifting champion

Accident : Thieves shot his leg

Type of amputation: Single right

Knee Type: Rheo Knee (Ossur)

Using it since 8 years till now

Hussien Mansour's Story

Age: 25 years old

Job: ex Diver (HR worker now)

Accident : Oxygen tank explosion while diving

Type of amputation: Double

Knee Type: Rheo Knee (Ossur)

Using it since 6 years till now

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-30 at 8.06.35 PM

Hossam Maghawry's Story

Age: 30 years old

Job: Banker

Accident : Car Accident

Type of Amputation: Double

Knee Type: Rheo Knee (Ossur)

Using it since 5 years till now

Paola’s Story

Paola is a confident, ever-smiling young woman from Brazil. Hit by a car when she was only 21, her leg was crushed as a result. Yet she was determined not to let negativity win.

Prior to the accident, Paola had known nothing about limb-loss, and at the start of rehabilitation she took to social media to document her road to recovery and share the reality of her experience. She quickly realized that people worry about their bodies and body-image, especially following the trauma of losing a limb. As she regained her own confidence, her online presence steadily became a source of inspiration to people in similar situations.


Kostas’ Story

Konstantin Veltsi is a master of many trades, with an astonishing story to tell. Not yet 30, Kostas is already an accomplished pastry chef, a personal trainer and Paralympic athlete. He also made a dramatic entrance on the New York fashion scene recently, modeling a bionic prosthesis as well as the latest designs.

Kostas’ life changed drastically at the age of 19, when he lost his left leg below the knee in a car accident. Looking at him now, it is hard to believe that he was struggling with his weight at that time and not leading the healthiest of lifestyles. Looking back, he refers to the period following his accident as the most testing time of his life, both physically and psychologically.

Mike’s Story

Mike is a lively grandfather with a spring in his step – he’s a man who has clearly fallen in love with life all over again.

From taking a train ride alone, which he was never able to do before, to working on his garden and favourite interests such as woodwork, he now feels safer and more confident. “I’ve always tried to do whatever I wanted, but it wasn’t easy. Now I don’t have to think twice. This feeling of control is the best I’ve ever had.”

Mike can lock his RHEO KNEE whenever he wants added stability. For him, it’s all about safety and comfort. “Just bending down, standing up – everything feels easier. I’m not as tired as I once was and I don’t get back ache like I used to.


Friction Management Technique for Patient with Diabetic Ulcers

Featured inTamarack Designer newsletter (Issue 1, Winter 08)

This case highlights the use of Friction Management Techniques using ShearBan©.

Patient: 67 yr male with Type II Diabetes, ulcers, ray amputations.

Results: Mr. X was seen for follow-up of orthotic management every two weeks after the initial visit, and remained compliant wearing his shoes and inserts full time.