Let’s Change How We Manage Business

Solid Trade Company

Who Are We?

Solid trade is an Egyptian medical solutions supplier, was founded in Egypt in 2012. We are exclusive agent for high end companies which produce orthosis, prosthetics, paralysis devices and wheelchairs.

Our Mission

Helping those who want to live their lives to the fullest without mobility issues achieve their dreams by committing to provide them with the finest quality and most advanced technologies available, as well as the best social supports available during their recovery process.

Our Vison

Getting the medical Solutions industry in Egypt parallels with worldwide technology orthosis, prosthetics, paralysis devices and wheelchairs.


We are medical supplier, so we conduct ourselves with care and sensitivity in all of our dealings – commercial and clinical – in order to deliver a supportive service that creates positive turning points.


Spreading knowledge and raising awareness. Supplying only high quality products that are of the latest innovations worldwide. Our partnerships, are always with well-known suppliers/manufacturers from all over the world, and it`s always exclusive to assure price and quality control.


Focusing only on presenting unique solutions and services for our market, as we are pioneers of advanced technology and believe passionately in “Life Without Limitations”.  Our reputation has been built on innovative and scientifically-proven designs that deliver effective clinical outcomes.

Our Partners