JT20 / JT20S Polycentric Knee Joint


A mechanical spring feeder and a pneumatic damper – the so-called end stop damping – are integrated in the JT20. Both components work together to ensure a harmonious gait pattern. With a weight limit of 150 kilograms and the design for mobility grades 2 and 3, the knee joint can be used flexibly.

The JT20S also has a flexible stance control with a primary flexion of up to 5 ° with simultaneous displacement of the axis geometry.



  • Weight limit <150kg
  • Mobility grade 2.3
  • Installation height 15mm / 132mm (JT20-PYR), 10mm / 127mm (JT20-M36)
  • Weight 790g
  • Flexion angle 135 °
  • Connection proximal pyramid adapter (JT20-PYR), M36 connection (JT20-M36)
  • Connection distal 34mm pipe connection