Foot-up is a lightweight ankle-foot orthosis that offers support for drop foot or similar complaints.
This revolutionary orthosis provides visible improvement in gait by supporting the foot the moment it is raised.

• Cushioned ankle wrap is made from a breathable, 3-layer material that can be worn comfortably for long periods of time
• Plastic inlay fits discreetly between the tongue and laces of the shoe and is practically invisible when worn

Part# Accessory Foot Circ
1781X Plastic Inlay One Size Fits All
2781X-1 Foot-up Sholess Wrap Small <7.9″
2781X-2 Foot-up Sholess Wrap Medium 7.9″-9.4″
2781X-3 Foot-up Sholess Wrap Large 7.9″-11″
2781X-4 Foot-up Sholess Wrap XLarge >11″
Part# Ankle Circ Leg Size
0781X-1 7-8.25” Universal Medium
0781X-2 8.5-10.25” Universal Large
0781X-3 10.5-13” Universal X-Large
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