The Vari-Flex provides an exclusive combination of comfort and dynamics.
The Vari-Flex is light-weight, easy to assemble and has a slender profile which makes it easy to cosmetically cover.
For users it provides confidence and security, offering natural gait with less fatigue and less strain on the lower back and sound side.
Unity for Vari-Flex is an ultra lightweight foot and elevated vacuum suspension system designed to stabilize volume fluctuations and improve socket fit.
For the moderately to high active user who prefers a simple, robust and lightweight prosthesis, Unity for Vari-Flex and Seal-In technology combined provide secure suspension, volume management and great foot dynamics without the restricting effect of an external suspension sleeve.

Patient Profile
Amputation Level: Transfemoral and Transtibial
Impact Level: Low to High
Maximum Patient Weight: 166kg (365lbs)
Unity Information
Maximum Vacuum: -23inHg (-600mmHg)
Normal Operating Pressure: -16-20 inHg
Added System Weight: 130g w/ Pump, Socket Valve and Tube
Product Information
Categories: Sizes 22-24; Cat. 1-6
Sizes 25-30; Cat. 1-9
Sizes: 22-30
Weight of Foot: (Size 27) 594g (21oz) w/ Pyramid and Foot Cover
Build Height: (Size 27) 170mm (6 3/4″) w/ Pyramid and Foot
Heel Height: 10mm and 19mm (3/8″ and 3/4″)
Adapter Options: Male Pyramid, Carbon Fibor Tube
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