OP5 Knee

OP5 Knee is a pneumatic polycentric knee joint, whose swing phase profile can be adjusted to the user’s needs. Multiple socket connection options support use for different amputation levels.

• Individually adjustable swing phase for a harmonious gait
• Simple modification of the socket connector
• Higher ground clearance for a safer and more confident gait
• Highly acute flexion angle for more freedom of movement

Patient Profile
Amputation Level:  Transfemoral, Knee Disarticulation
Impact Level: Moderate to High
Maximum Patient Weight: 125kg
Product Information
OP5 Knee with pyramid OP5 Knee with IKF adapter OP5 Knee with Loop adapter OP5 Knee with 3-arm adapter
Build Height (1): 195mm 210mm 200mm 205mm
Build Height (2): 160mm 175mm 165mm 170mm
Build Height (3): 18mm 33mm 23mm 26mm
Weight of Knee: 770g 900g 785g 870g
Flexion: approx. 145° approx. 145° approx. 145° approx. 145°
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