Iceross Sleeve

The Iceross Sleeve generates good suction, more security and less resistance at the knee.
Össur took the Wave technology to the next level when developing the Iceross Sleeve.
The Wave feature makes the liner easier to flex at the knee, allowing it to adapt more to the user’s movements.
Less resistance means that less energy is required to flex the knee.
It stretches effectively at the front and folds in a controlled way behind the knee.
The profile of the sleeve is thicker around the socket brims, focusing on strength at selected areas to reduce wear and tear.
It is recommended to use the Iceross Sleeve in conjunction with the Iceross Cushion Liner Range.

Patient Profile
Amputation Level: Transtibial
Impact Level: All
Sleeve Information
Size: 35,41,49,55,62.
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