DAHO Hand Orthosis Type3.1


Flexion orthosis with velcro-adjustable flexion cords


∙ Padded metacarpal and arm clasp made of plastic
∙ Velcro-adjustable flexion cords for D2 – D5
∙ Variable deflection points in the palm area
∙ Removable MP blockers for D2 and D3 – D5
∙ Two-part metacarpal clasp for easier application
∙ Can also be used on Thumb possible
∙ Optional: long connecting piece (E-DAHO60) for flexed wrist position according to Kleinert


∙ Early movement treatment after flexor tendon surgery (in the intrinsic plus position or according to Kleinert)
∙ Strengthening and stretching the extensor muscles of the fingers
∙ Reduction of flexion deficits

Mode of action

∙ Passive flexion and dynamic extension of the DIP / PIP (MCP) joints


Size: S / M / L / XL
Side: left / right
Delivery condition in intrinsic plus position incl. 4 flexion cords, 10 adhesive Velcro points and 2 deflection hooks

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