DAHO Hand Orthosis Type2.D


Extension orthosis with leaf springs without braces


∙ 3D-printed metacarpal brace with padding that can be attached
∙ Leaf spring extension unit with finger loops for D2-D5
∙ Hand brace and extension units are ordered separately
∙ No extension with braces possible


∙ Contractures in the area of ​​the finger joints ( e .g Dupuytren’s disease)
∙ Grip training after neurological defects
∙ Improvement and build-up of grip strength

Mode of action

∙ Passive extension and dynamic flexion of the DIP / PIP / MCP joints

For the supply with a DAHO 2.D, in addition to the hand clasp, the required leaf spring units must be ordered separately depending on the number and length of the fingers to be supplied!


3-D printed wrist strap
Velcro upholstery, black
wide fleece straps, black
Size M, L, XL
Side right and left

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