DAHO Hand Orthosis Type1


∙ Padded metacarpal and arm brace made of plastic
∙ Articulated connecting part made of spring steel with leg spring
∙ Finger spring with finger loops for D2-D5
∙ Incl. Rigid and movable connecting part



∙ Conservative, pre- and post-operative treatment of rheumatic diseases
∙ Improvement of the gripping function and as Contracture prophylaxis ∙ Before hand surgery to activate ulnar deviation
∙ Preservation of the operation result in soft tissue operations and after endoprosthetic treatment
∙ Correction of hand scoliosis


Biomechanical mode of action

∙ Dynamic retention of the MP joints and erection of the hand scoliosis
∙ Alignment of the four long fingers in the dorso-radial direction
∙ Alignment of the metacarpal in the dorso-ulnar direction
∙ Restoration of the anatomical



Sizes: S / M / L
Side: left / right
The scope of delivery includes a rigid and a movable connection part (E-DAHO 20/21 and E-DAHO 22).

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