Clou 9.500

Fields of Application

  • At home, in school, at work or in a home
  • Transport by means of a foldable frame and removable parts makes it small enough even for small cars
  • For people who have clearly defined demands on their wheelchair and hardly any change in functionality
  • When the wheelchair user still has adequate torso stability
  • As a transport aid it can be operated by an attendant who is unable to push a manual wheelchair


  • Seat width of 380 – 480 mm can be adjusted via the arm rests
  • Various arm rests
  • Various leg rests
  • Different seat and back systems
  • Swivel-away operating module (optional)
  • Programmable driving performance
  • Various joysticks


  • Speed steplessly pre-selectable up to 6 km/h
  • Central brake release useroperated
  • The wheelchair can be locked via software
  • Battery easy to recharge by connecting it to the operating module
  • Automatic battery contact
  • Easy transfer as the arm rests can be removed completely
  • The wheelchair can be folded for transport, the back can be removed


  • Battery container contacts have reverse battery protection
  • Error diagnosis via battery status display or programming device or PC software
  • Lighting
  • Rear-view mirror
  • Stair climber
  • Safety belts
  • Steering for attendant
  • Walking aid holder
  • Canopy
  • Pelvic belt
  • Therapy table
  • Operating hour counter